Hotel's choice to efficiently connect with guests

Kotozna In-room is a multilingual, app-free guest service console for accommodations such as hotels. Accommodations that use Kotozna In-room do enjoy: frictionless communication with guests improved service quality automated service requests digitized hotel information materials higher staff productivity spaces safe from contagious diseases

This service is provided by JTB and Kotozna.


Guests and staff can comfortably communicate with each other through Kotozna In-room's automatic multilingual translator covering 109 languages.


Multilingual, time-saving chatbots ensure uninterrupted communication with guests, faster service delivery, and higher staff efficiency. Now, staff can focus on things that truly need their attention.


Have all your promotional materials and hotel information in your guests' smartphones. They're likely to be read this way. Digitizing all your in-room information materials does not only reduce your costs but also lessens guests' and staff's exposure to contagious diseases and reduces staff's sanitation work.

Convenient and secure

Guests are more likely to avail room service when you make it easy for them. With Kotozna In-room, guests can use their smartphones to check out your services and latest offerings.



Make it easy for your guests.

Kotozna In-room offers the quickest way to connect. Guests only need to scan Kotozna In-room's QR code found in their room and they will be led to hotel's exclusive web console where they can place service requests, inquire staff, be informed of hotel's latest deals and more. The web console runs on a browser, and thus made compatible with any devices.

High translation accuracy

Understand your guests more.

Kotozna In-room translates chats between staff and guests. It also offers several translations aiming to deliver the most accurate translation to avoid misunderstanding. Hotels can also have exlusive dictionaries built within the console. This is how we get place names and other proper nouns right.

Shield from COVID-19

Protect your staff and guests from harmful, contagious diseases.

Digitize all your paper-based materials and enable staff and guests to interact remotely. Through Kotozna In-room, there will be less physical interactions, but more enhanced connections.

reliable chatbots

Let guests know you're always there for them.

Our chatbots respond to FAQs lifting significant staff workload. Since they're multilingual and interactive, you can provide better service quality to your guests.

Go digital with Kotozna In-room

Kotozna In-room fulfills hotels’ need to provide guests with automated, multilingual, touchless customer service experience.

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