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Gero Onsen Suimeikan

Chikahisa Shitabou (Marketing Department)

Reliable digital concierge that handles a wide range of functions, from multilingual guidance to surveys

Before the pandemic, we had been using other multilingual services to handle overseas inquiries, such as outsourced call centers or auto-reply machines. However, we were unsatisfied with their services because they were not flexible when handling large amounts of inquiries and required complicated daily updates. KIR enables us to easily and frequently update not only the FAQ of our facility but also the seasonal information. Its functions meet our needs and we believe it will provide attentive care for the return of inbound tourists.


Our guests, who are mainly tourists, require a variety of information not only about our facility, but also about restaurants, shops, drug stores, sightseeing spots nearby, etc. Being able to check all of this information and more from your own smartphone seems to lead to an increase in our customers' satisfaction during their stay.
In addition, we have started providing the congestion status of our facilities within KIR along with our original monitor displays, allowing our guests to access this information at any time and improve their comfort.
Furthermore, the survey function provides a digitalized way for us to collect questionnaires from our guests (along with our original paper-based surveys). This increases the overall collection rate and in the future we plan on mainly using this function for survey collection.
Requests for room service and rental equipment have also increased due to the KIR chat function.
Above all, we are delighted with the fact that we can manage inquiries, questionnaires and information in one service.


If it enabled us to publish the latest information by synchronizing the posts with our SNS, we suppose that more hotels would use KIR. We are also looking forward to the enhancement of functions, such as providing our guests with promotional coupons and descriptions of how and when to use them.

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