Customer Voices


Toshiro Sato (Assistant General Manager)

KIR contributes to both shortening check-in time and reducing inquiries requiring manual support by providing a variety of information

Our hotel, surrounded by the nature of "Yanbaru" and located about 100 minutes from Naha Airport, attracts visitors from all over. Therefore, our first goal is to reduce the time it takes for our guests to check in and provide them with a more relaxing stay in our hotel. Additionally, we also need to consider the resources used for providing our guests with daily information and the cost for translating this information.


Initially, when considering KIR, we believed guests would be reluctant to use their own smartphones. However, it proved to be very effective as more than 80% of our guests use KIR when they visit.
Previously, we provided facility information and hotel precaustions verbally at check-in, which would take time to explain. Now, we ask guests to check the 2D barcode in their room to access KIR and view all the information, which greatly shortened check-in time and total inquiries.
In addition, we can update our information in KIR easily so that our guests can get the latest information anytime, eliminating the need to visit each room and replace paper-based documents. It is very helpful and environmentally friendly service.


Currently, we are using KIR as an information provision tool to improve operations. We plan on increasing our overall utilization, like taking advantage of the auto-translated chat function. We are looking forward to further benefits for both our guests and staff.

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