Customer Voices

Ogoto Onsen Yumotokan

Hayato Kunimatsu (Assistant Manager)

Information digitalization enables high touch customer service through more efficient use of time

The front desk handles many inquiries every day, including repeated explanations regarding facility information, such as Wi-Fi connectivity or accommodation guidance. KIR provides this information and more to our guests simply by scanning a 2D barcode (reducing overall inquiries made by phone). That is why we chose to install KIR. Now, we are able to spend more time providing high quality customer service because less time is spent on handling repetitive tasks. This in turn provides a much more comfortable stay for our customers.


We are now able to provide our guests with a more comfortable stay by allowing them to check all the information they need from their smartphone.
The "Congestion Status" function allows our guests to see how crowded our facilities are before visiting them, which has been used very frequently. Our guests are also able to make inquiries on their smartphone with the "Chat Function'', which reduces the need for face to face contact. In addition, we are highly pleased with the support of the initial set-up and the data analytics provided.


We are looking forward to further digitalization and efficiency provided by the integration of KIR and Hotel Property Management Systems (PMS). It would enable our guests to smoothly check out and pay through their smartphone. Therefore, our guests do not need to wait at the front desk and can simply leave without worry, which we believe would further increase customer satisfaction.

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