Kotozna laMondo: the Multilingual Chat Tool for Businesses Overcome Language Barriers

Kotozna laMondo provides global solutions for organizations of any size to assist in their business expansion. Prices start at 98 USD per month.

Tokyo, Japan – On September 8, 2022, Kotozna, Inc. launched “Kotozna laMondo”, a multilingual live chat service for businesses looking to go global by overcoming language barriers.

With the profound growth of e-commerce around the world, we envision retailers further engaging in cross-border online sales.

To help grow their business in this promising market, Kotozna laMondo provides cross translation of 109 languages at a monthly fee starting as low as 98 USD.

Kotozna laMondo has already been field tested with multiple businesses, and can be implemented with a low code. We hope to help businesses of every size expand their business globally.

Kotozna laMondo Mission

  • Situation

Cross-border e-commerce is expanding while the demand for multilingual services for small to mid-sized businesses increases


With information flowing freely through social networks and other channels, shoppers are more aware of products and services sold overseas. However, shopping in an unfamiliar language has always been a hindrance to consumers.

Research has shown that over 70% of shoppers are more likely to purchase a product presented in their native language (1).


This is not for lack of effort on the businesses’ side.

Although a recent survey of US executives found that almost 40%of companies had missed business opportunities in the past five years due to lack of international competencies, more than a quarter of companies indicate that it is difficult to find US talent with the international knowledge, expertise, and language skills needed to manage global operations (2).






  • Solution

Kotozna laMondo, an automated live chat translation tool for businesses available in 109 languages.


Launched on September 8, Kotozna laMondo is easy to set-up, allowing for immediate use. Simply paste our code onto your e-commerce site or product page; the low code solution will then install a chat widget which provides the window for multilingual customer service.

When you receive an inquiry in a foreign language, the content will be automatically translated and displayed in your own native language. Simultaneous translation is executed in the background, so you will not see any time lag in the communication with your customers.

There is also an option to communicate via email outside of business hours using our email translation system. You will be able to receive the customer’s automatically translated message through the laMondo platform, and can send out a translated email response in return.

We supply our services in 109 languages, including English, Japanese and Chinese. We aim to assist all businesses of various sizes looking to expand globally. Prices start at 98USD per month.


▽Kotozna laMondo Features

  1. Automatic translation of chats in 109 languages

  2. Easy installation onto your website

  3. Flexible pricing plans available depending on usage rate




  • Testimonials

Inospire Solutions co-organized by DevLux Software Studio & Startup Ventures Pvt. Ltd (Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India)


“(Kotozna) laMondo helps people to remove their language barrier, so I want to spread laMondo to numerous people over the globe and hope that numerous people use laMondo to communicate in their native language. Of course, easy to use and user-friendly features are required to use laMondo. So I expect laMondo launch with their best user-friendly features.”


Inospire Startup Solutions is a startup studio & accelerator program for all startups. Based in Ahmedabad, India and established in 2017, Inospire Solutions offers software development related services with a major focus on assigning a dedicated remote software engineer on a contractual basis over the globe. Inospire Solutions helps startup owners connect with startup mentors, Investors, and Capital Venture firms to fulfill their needs with the funding. A one-stop shop for all the startup needs.



  • What critics are saying

Ramune Murayama, e-commerce specialist


The mindset of businesses is what holds them back when it comes to cross-border businesses. I would especially hope for small to mid-size businesses that tell themselves “too early to go global” to try out new digital tools such as Kotozna laMondo. These tools don’t require upfront investments and will help break down language and cultural barriers.


Sincerity does translate, even with automated translation. I hope businesses feel confident enough to communicate with people from other countries with technologies like Kotozna laMondo.


Ms. Murayama is a retail distribution advisor. She is on the board of several e-commerce businesses, and is the founder of StyleBiz. After working at Toshiba in the new business sector, she started her own website about direct sales, and has been in charge of e-life’s social network presence.



  • Greeting from the CEO

“Diminishing language barriers”. This has been Kotozna Inc.’s mission since its inception.

We are thrilled to launch “Kotozna laMondo”, a chat tool that allows for communication in any language, without barriers. This is especially useful for small to mid-size businesses looking to expand their customer base overseas.

Take for example Japanese small businesses. Many of these establishments are interested in expanding their market globally. They have started to build websites in other languages besides Japanese to entice clients. However, there are many issues at the point of contact such as customers not being able to understand the contact form, or the recipient not understanding the inquiry.

Kotozna laMondo fixes that. By just adding 1 low code to the company’s website, a chat button will be placed on the screen and will allow for auto-translated conversations with the client. The business chats in their own language, and so does the customer. The customer can leave their email address for auto-translated email communication as well.

Envisioning a world post-COVID, and with the fluctuating exchange rate, many business opportunities lie overseas. We hope Kotozna laMondo can be the catalyst to launch businesses into the global sphere.

Genri Goto, CEO, Kotozna Inc.



  • Product Information

Product name : Kotozna laMondo

Price : USD 98 per month

To Subscribe :https://service.kotozna.com/lamondo/en/



  • Product Information

Free trial for 30 days



  • About Kotozna Inc.


Kotozna, Inc. has been providing solutions to overcome global language communication barriers utilizing artificial intelligence and innovative technology since 2016.

The company has been in Cohort 4 of the highly selective Singapore Tourism Accelerator program in 2021.

Prior to this, in 2020, Kotozna, Inc. teamed up with JTB, Japan’s largest travel agency, to provide multilingual communication tool “Kotozna In-room” (https://kotozna.com/in-room) to more than 200 hotels around Japan. The tool was praised for its ability to allow for social distancing and accelerating digital transformation in the accommodation industry, despite limited business opportunities due to COVID-19.

Kotozna, Inc. was also selected for” J-startup”, a startup development program promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan aiming to create 20 unicorns by 2023. The appointment came after the company’s development of Kotozna Chat, a multilingual chat tool that allows for instant messaging while simultaneously translating text to desired language, which was highly regarded.