Kotozna, Inc. focuses on removing language barriers.

We utilize social innovation and cutting edge technologies to make this happen.

Social innovation : Inbound tourism is one of the last growth economy left for rural Japan suffering from low birth rate and aging population. Kotozna, Inc. aims to support these struggling local economies through improving their tourism environment by addressing language barriers. Too much information is still left in Japanese, confusing foreigners. We utilize our cutting edge technology so locals and visitors can communicate with each other better.

Cutting edge technology : We provide Kotozna Chat, a tool to connect globally in your own language, with anyone! The service can be used anywhere in the world, anytime and with anyone. It provides real-time, multi-lingual, auto-translate features to your texts, messages and voice inputs, so you can communicate in the comfort of your own language, while your conversation partners receive your correspondence in their own language.

Our goal : Breaking down the global language barrier. We provide affordable solutions so anyone can tackle their own personal language barriers. Kotozna, Inc. started out in Japan, empowering local economies through communication. We are now moving onto the global stage to help solve global communication issues.


後藤 玄利

Founder & CEO

Genri Goto

Genri Goto is a serial and social entrepreneur. After working at Accenture as a strategy consultant, he founded Healthy Net, Inc. (now Kenko.com, Inc.), an online drug store.
He was at the helm of the company for 20 years, leading to an IPO of Kenko.com in 2004.
Goto successfully sued Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare regarding online sales of medicine, winning in 2013 at the Supreme Court.
He has a Masters degree in Public Management from the National University of Singapore, and holds a Bachelor degree from the University of Tokyo. Goto is a member of the World Economic Forum.

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Kotozna, Inc.
Genri Goto



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