Kotozna has released ConcierGPT, an interactive communication service for the hospitality and service industry implementing GPT-4

Kotozna (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO Genri Goto) is pleased to announce the launch of Kotozna ConcierGPT on June 14, 2023, a multilingual AI concierge available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. By combining the evolution of LLM (Large Language Model) and Kotozna's technology, we have achieved both operational efficiency and hospitality, which has been a pressing issue during the pandemic. One of the main features of the system is that it is able to respond to highly contextual questions in a specific and hospitable manner by learning from a proprietary database and using unique prompt engineering technology. The system is also highly accurate thanks to the latest "GPT-4" technology. ConcierGPT is already being tested at the Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa, and trials are underway for full implementation.

● Background of Kotozna ConcierGPT Development

Up until now, Kotozna has provided "Kotozna In-room," a multilingual communication tool for accommodation facilities, and "Kotozna laMondo," a multilingual chat tool for businesses. As a result, we have realized multilingualization and DX for many accommodation facilities and service providers. Especially during the pandemic, the customer service and service industries (including hotels, ryokans, etc) had been facing a difficult challenge in facilitating smooth communication between guests and staff due to the increasing trend toward non-face-to-face service and manpower saving requirements.

Kotozna ConcierGPT is a combination of the evolution of LLM (Large Language Model) and Kotozna's technology that achieves both operational efficiency and hospitality.


● Kotozna ConcierGPT Features

1. Unique database learning and prompt engineering technology enables specific and hospitable dialogue even for high-context questions
ConcierGPT can learn unique information such as room services and amenities that are not listed on the website, as well as answers that are easy to manage and update by linking data with our Kotozna In-room database and other external databases. Furthermore, Kotozna's unique prompt engineering technology has enabled GPT to achieve a "character" that is as close as possible to an actual customer service interaction and allows the user to interact with the GPT as if talking to the real front desk staff. 


Traditionally, in order to elicit accurate answers from chatbots, literacy on the part of the questioner was also required, such as giving specific and clear instructions, specifying the scope of the answer, and repeatedly asking questions with supplemental background information. With ConcierGPT, questions can range from, "What kind of rooms do you have?" to “Children are allowed?” ConcierGPT is able to understand the context of questions without background information supplied in every message.

<Example Conversation>

Q) What types of rooms do you have?

A) Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa offers various types of rooms. For example, we have family friendly rooms and accessible rooms. All rooms are Hollywood Twin type, and the Deluxe High Floor Room on the 8th floor is especially recommended for guests with children. For more information about the rooms, please visit the following URL: https://...

Q)Children are allowed? 

A) Our hotel is open to guests with children. We have a kid's room for your children to enjoy. We also have family rooms available for your family stay. For reservations, please visit this URL: https://... 

<Other Question Examples>
How do you recommend I spend 3 days of vacation?
What restaurants are open for lunch tomorrow?
We are a family of five. Can we reserve two rooms next to each other?
What time is the sunset today?
Do you have an iron available for rent?
Can we bring our dog?
What are the best places to visit nearby on a rainy day?

2. Combined with Kotozna's multilingual solutions, dozens of languages are supported worldwide
The multilingual solutions that Kotozna has provided so far are also implemented in ConcierGPT, and support not only Japanese and English, but also various languages such as Chinese, Korean, French, and Russian.

3. Equipped with GPT-4, which boasts accuracy of answers in the top 10% of the U.S. bar exam
ConcierGPT is powered by GPT-4, the latest language model from OpenAI, which is also known as a language model that yields highly accurate answers, placing it in the top 10% of US bar exams.

4. Able to respond to inquiries with the latest information
Kotozna's unique prompt engineering technology allows ConcierGPT to respond with real-time information such as today's weather, sunrise time, typhoon and earthquake information, etc.

5. Simple and quick installation
The system can be set up in a short period of time (approximately one week) by learning the unique data of the company using ConcierGPT.


● Kotozna ConcierGPT Test Installation Begins at Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa

A test implementation of ConcierGPT began in May 2023 at the Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa in Itoman, Okinawa. The goal is to test various question patterns before full implementation so that customer service can be provided in a manner that is comparable to actual customer service.


● Comments from Genri Goto, CEO of Kotozna

When ChatGPT4 debuted, we were deeply impressed by its outstanding capabilities and were convinced that it would be comparable to the birth of the Internet in the past, fundamentally changing the way humans interact with computers. We developed ConcierGPT to take advantage of ChatGPT and revolutionize customer service.

Kotozna has focused on the digital transformation of concierge operations in the past, providing high level services for the hospitality industry, including Kotozna In-room, a multilingual digital concierge service. We have also been developing AI chatbots, but these have not been able to meet the high standards required for hotel services, which require skilled staff.

However, by introducing ChatGPT's technology into the hospitality industry, we saw the potential for it to function as a concierge that performs as good as or better than a human. With this idea in mind, we have been working rapidly to develop and finally complete ConcierGPT, which is capable of providing accurate, understandable, and multilingual answers for each hotel's specific requirements.

While the initial function of ConcierGPT will be to provide reservation support for the hospitality industry, we plan to expand the platform to cover a wide range of hotel operations and to provide high-quality multilingual customer service to businesses in other industries. ConcierGPT will take the future of customer service to a new level by combining high level knowledge, hospitality, and multilingual capabilities.


● Product Information

Name: Kotozna ConcierGPT

Price: Basic (with ChatGPT 3.5): 30,000 yen/month (excluding tax)

   Premium (with ChatGPT 4.0): 60,000 yen/month (excluding tax)

   *Initial setup fee will be charged separately.

   *Additional fees will be charged for additional responses in excess of 2,000 responses per month.

Product page: Kotozna concierGPT

How to inquire and apply for use:
If you would like to inquire about Kotozna ConcierGPT, please contact us from the following page: Inquiry

Demo URL: Kotozna OFFICIAL