Kotozna partners with Cross Language to support the multilingualization of websites using the multilingual chat tool "Kotozna laMondo"

Kotozna (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO Genri Goto) will form a business alliance with Cross Language Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Mitsunobu Fukuda) from MARCH X, 2023 to support the multilingualization of corporate websites by utilizing the chat tool “Kotozna laMondo” for businesses.



Kotozna laMondo is a chat tool for businesses that supports 109 languages including Japanese, English and Chinese. The service can be easily introduced into any business due to the ease of setup (no coding experience is required to add laMondo to your website). Cross Language is a comprehensive translation solutions company that combines the development of machine translation (automatic translation) systems with a human translation business. By combining a machine translation system that covers more than 70% of the world’s languages with human translation for more than 30 languages, Cross Language provides low-cost, high-quality, quick-turnaround, high-volume, and high-security translation solutions.

In addition to supporting the multilingualization of corporate websites, there was also a need for multilingual support for inquiries from visitors to the website. With this in mind, Kotozna and Cross Language have entered into a distributorship agreement with Kotozna laMondo in terms of incorporating it into the Cross Language offerings.

By creating synergy between the sales scheme that leverages Cross Language’s customer base and Kotozna’s multilingual solutions, the company aims to expand Kotozna laMondo to new customer segments and further enhance its functions.


・Japan IT Week Exhibition with Cross Language, April 5-7

Kotozna laMondo will also be exhibited at Cross Language’s booth at Japan IT Week, Japan’s largest IT exhibition where the latest IT products/services are showcased.

Date: April 5th (Wednesday) to 7th (Friday), 2023
Location: Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 3, Booth No. E27-37 (AI & Business Automation Exhibition)


・Comments on the Alliance

◆Mitsunobu Fukuda – CEO of Cross Language Co., Ltd.

As a manufacturer that develops translation engines, Cross Language has been providing machine translation services for many years. We hope to contribute to inbound and global support by overcoming the language barrier with our multilingual services.
Nowadays, it is commonplace to utilize the web in corporate activities, but in an increasingly globalized world, I believe that automated website translation services and multilingual chatbots will prove to be a powerful tool. The collaboration between our two companies is not just about providing tools, but also about helping our clients achieve business success through synergies that leverage the values of both parties.


◆Genri Goto – Founder and CEO of Kotozna

Kotozna aims to overcome language barriers by providing various multilingual digital solutions. Through this business alliance, we believe that we can solve the challenges of globalization for more businesses.
In particular, businesses that operate e-commerce sites face major challenges in terms of multilingual support and maintenance costs when posting new products on a daily basis. Solving these issues requires a combination of solutions that provide a seamless multilingual experience. We hope that by working together, our two companies will be able to provide a one-stop solution for our clients’ multilingualization needs, and we look forward to the birth of many more businesses in Japan that will go on to become global leaders in their respective fields.


・About the Mutlilingual Chat Solution Kotozna laMondo

Kotozna laMondo is a multilingual customer support solution that allows you to set up a multilingual chat window on your existing website. By simply pasting the distributed low-code on a company’s EC site or product page, embedding the chat tool and displaying the widget at the entrance, it is possible to set up a multilingual chat inquiry window. laMondo supports 109 languages including Japanese, English, and Chinese. In anticipation of the expansion of introduction to SMEs, the monthly cost is 10,000 yen.


▽Kotozna laMondo Features

  1. Automatic translation of 109 languages

  2. Use it right after applying with easy installation

  3. Adjust the number of operators according to the operational need

  4. Guests can leave a message if no staff are available

  5. Highly accurate translation using functions like the client specific proper noun dictionary

Kotozna laMondo Product Site